DoctorLink - Medical Centres in Queensland

Management Team

Our Management Team at DoctorLink consists of highly trained individuals in the relevance of their profession. Our team members are directly responsible for the various day-to-day management and operations of the business, as well as developmental initiatives.


joe barbagallo

Joe Barbagallo

Joe has a deep and long history in the healthcare sector. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry, moving into pathology and then into corporate medical services. This is where he saw the need to change the focus from corporate to a patient centred environment. Joe wanted to open medical centres that genuinely cared for patients and ensured the focus was on preventative medicine. This concept grew into where Doctor Link is today – a patient centered healthcare focussed environment.

damien kiely

Damien Kiely

Damien is a passionate and skilled executive leader with a career that spans Primary Health, Banking & Finance and the Mining & Resource sectors.  Over the last 2 and a half years Damien has brought to the table a diverse Operational knowledge and unique Leadership skills to provide and develop a professional, personal leadership team that challenges the Status Quo in General Practice and Occupational Medicine.  Working alongside Joe, continually challenging and inspiring the team together to achieve the best outcomes and Patient's experience in all Doctor Link practices and doing do so in a way that ensures it can be done long into the future.

leah Herse

Leah Herse

Leah lives and breaths nursing.  With a 20 + year history working within the private health care industry, Leah is driven by making a different to those she cares for but also those she works with.  She has a broad range of experience expanding through medical and surgical specialises along with primary health care.   This has given her a solid clinical foundation and ability to work across a multi-disciplinary team.  She has embraced the opportunity to undertake leadership rolls throughout her career and works closely with Damien to support Doctorlink’s core values, model and provide clinical guidance and leadership.  She is committed to engaging with and supporting her nursing team to provide effective evidence-based care within their scope of practice.